Bet-Cost-Matrix This method can bei applied during online meetings.

Technique for evaluating the potential of ideas to generate value in relation to their cost

Bet-Cost-Matrix: Rate individual ideas, for example epics or user storis. How much would you bet? What would it cost? Your house, a holiday, or just an ice-cream cone? | image by Hias Wrba

5-by-5 matrix

The Bet-Cost-Matrix (developed by Hias Wrba) is a little 5-by-5 matrix to help with assessing epics and user stories when doing agile stuff with a UX mindset. 

Rate by two dimensions

The participants rate individual ideas, which can be any size, form product ideas to Epics to User Stories along two dimensions:

  • How much would it roughly cost the organisation to implement the idea?
  • How much would the participant personall bet, that the idea has any real value for the users?

The scale for both dimensions are tangible real-live categories for example beer → bicycle → family holiday → car → house.

Each idea is first rated secretly by each participants. The ratings are then revealed and discussed. This helps to foster a shared understanding and furthermore quickly reveals hidden assumptions regarding value or costs. When the group has found an agreement across the two dimensions the idea is placed on the matrix in the according field. 

Build cluster

The fields are usually combined into clusters with an allocated action to make the idea production ready. Common clusters and actions are:

  • Low Bet/Low Cost → Do testing with a prototype or first quick implementation
  • Low Bet/High Cost → Conduct foundational user research to understand the actual needs
  • High Bet/Low Cost → Build it!
  • High Bet/High Cost → work on breaking down the idea into smaller independent parts which contain value

The cluster of the matrix and the associated actions can and should be adjusted to your needs. 

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