Walt Disney Method This method can bei applied during online meetings. IAK method

On the basis of a role play, several people look at and discuss a situation from three different perspectives (roles).

First, the team goes into the role of the dreamer. The dreamer develops ideas and visions. He can let his imagination run wild and does not care about possible limitations.

Afterwards, the team takes on the role of the realist. The realist adjourns with the ideas he has won, reflects and asks himself the following questions: What needs to be done or said? What is needed for the implementation (material, people, resources, knowledge, techniques, etc.)? What do you feel about this idea? Which basics are already available? Can the approach be tested?

At the last point in the cycle, the team takes on the role of the critic. It has the task of dealing constructively with the results of the realist and to express criticism. Starting points for this can be: What could be improved? What are the opportunities and risks? What was overlooked? How do I think about the proposal?

Open questions are then handed back to the dreamer, who reintroduces the cycle based on the findings. The process is considered complete when the critic can no longer ask further relevant questions and when it is foreseeable that another run will not bring any optimization.

This method can also be pragmatically and easily performed in a three-roll discussion at a table. In addition, additional persons can debate and take the word in the sense of the three roles.

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