Brainstorming This method can bei applied during online meetings.

By spontaneously expressing ideas without rejecting criticism, a large number of ideas for a given problem are developed and collected.

In brainstorming, the participants can inspire each other to create new combinations of ideas through their contributions, which produces more results overall than if everyone works on their own.

Phase One: finding ideas 

The participants spontaneously name ideas for finding solutions, optimally inspiring each other. The task of the leader is to motivate and encourage the group to work out and present their ideas. If the group is in a deadlocked situation, it is up to him to break them up again. This can happen, for example, through a change of perspective: the problem is reformulated, enlarged, reduced or linked to other questions. 

Phase Two: Sort and rate results 

After a break all ideas are read out and evaluated and sorted by the participants. The assessment may be made in the same discussion, by the same participants or separately by other professionals. Criteria for the evaluation can be, for example, originality, feasibility and effectiveness of the respective proposals.

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